Book Reviews

An Aussie Year  Tania McCartney

Eco Warriors to the Rescue! Tania McCartney

My Band Elizabeth Lee and Chantal Stewart

Have You Seen My Egg? Penny Olsen and Rhonda N. Garward

Animal Aussie Animals Elizabeth Lea and Liz Faul

I Can See Faces    Susan Pease and Olivia Pease

These are My Hands/These are My Feet     Judy Horacek

Australian Story 'An Illustrated Time Line'   Tania McCartney

My Darcy         Alex Field and Peter Carnavas

Our Nest is Best      Penny Olsen and Penny O'Hara

Nancy Bentley The First Female Sailor      Tracey Hawkins and Jacqui Grantford

Little Treasures   Peter Carnavas

Project Spy Kids       Hazel Edwards and Jane Connory

Books Reviewed by Renee Taprell on The Book Chook Blog:

Astro The Steller Sea Lion    Jeanne Walker Harvey and Shennen Bersani

The Sky Dreamer    Anne Morgan and Celine Eimann

Teaching the Teacher   Joan van Loon and Chantal Stewart