December 30, 2010

Who inspired you to write?

As you reflect on your writing achievements for 2010, think about who inspired your writing this year, and also over your life. Was it a parent or teacher? Was it a friend or a partner? Who has influenced you the most and inspired you to write?
Here are a few of mine.

My Mum

Mum read to me before bed at night and bought me books like, The Magic Faraway Tree, and The Famous Five. She would encourage us to do puzzles, play board games, play in the mud and sand, and venture into the garden. By allowing us to escape into an imaginary world she also fostered our ability to use our imagination and play creatively. This is an incredible gift to a child that I'll be forever grateful for.

Mrs Cartwright- Grade 6 Teacher

Mrs Cartwright read us The Hobbit a few times a week. At first I found it bizarre being read to at eleven, but it was something that the class always looked forward to. I remember we all made the characters to hang around the class. This was also the age that we really started writing, even with a computer! I wrote a story called, The Witch of Wickazoom, that I still have. Mrs Cartwright was just one of those teachers that inspired every child to read and write no matter what their ability.

Author - Mem Fox

I've always really enjoyed reading Mem's books as an Early Childhood Teacher, but it wasn't until I seriously considered writing that I discovered how brilliant she is. Many people will pick up a picture book to read and think, 'Isn't that lovely!' But Mem explains in, 'So you want to write a picture book,' just how challenging it can be. Every book Mem Fox has ever written, show cases her enormous ability to write for assorted ages, in a variety of styles, books that children will adore. She instinctively knows what children will find fun, entertaining, and will request time and time again. Every single word has been painstakingly monitored for its importance in the book. There are many picture book authors that I admire, but Mem Fox would have to be Number 1!

My Family

My husband, son, and daughter, inspire me everyday to write. Funny things that have been said, our strengths and weaknesses, and situations that make the light bulb go off in my head. Of course I don't write the exact experience, but it's like doing a puzzle or cooking. I'll take a little bit of this, add a pinch of that, and then garnish it with something else. I'm so incredibly lucky that my family support my writing and listen to my brilliant ideas even though I'm sure they'd prefer to ride the jetski or play the xbox.

So, with 2011 fast approaching, it's a time to look at where you're going but also where you've been. Who changed it all for you and shaped you to be the writer you are today?


Dawn Herring said...

I just loved this post about who inspired you to write. Isn't it great when a teacher really hits the spot? It's amazing how those early childhood experiences can help be the foundation to what we love later in life.

I would have to say that my kids and my hubby inspire me; they give me so much fodder to write about, especially with my blog posts. Those who want to learn how to keep a journal also inspire me to share my journaling experience. I love sharing the benefits with others.

Oh, and my cat Sophie also inspires me with life lessons I enjoy sharing with others. :)

But I would be remiss to not include the Creator, Who inspires everything I do. :)

Thanks for such a lovely post. It was inspiring.
Be refreshed,
Dawn Herring

Unknown said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for your thoughtful message and visiting my blog! You're right, you don't ever forget the impact that teachers have on us growing up.

I spent my teenage years journalling and writing a diary, but as I became older I would only do one massive journal entry of the entire year. This year, I hope to journal more often. I find it also inspires my picture book writing and blog posts. It's also a way of clearing the mind to make room for better writing, that comes from the heart.