December 7, 2010

Writers, Have you ever...?

Have you ever been told that you could be the next J.K. Rowling?


Have you ever...

*been told it's too hard to become an author?

*listened in on a conversation for good material?

*woken up in the middle of the night to write?

*written about your life experiences?

*written about a friend or a family members life experiences?

*been told that your story has been done before?

*picked up a book in a bookshop that is the same as the one you just wrote?

*spent the whole day writing in your pyjamas, eating biscuits, and drinking coffee?

*thought that being a writer is the best job in the world?

*said, 'There's a story in that!'

*written on a coaster, serviette, or your arm?

*used someone that you know as a character?

*been asked, 'What do you really do for a job?'

*asked someone to repeat themselves so you can take notes?

*felt immense pride in your writing efforts over the day, month, or year?

*asked your sub-conscious to give you a brilliant idea in your dreams?

*done anything out of the ordinary to get published?

*entered a writing competition?

*been asked, 'Aren't you published yet?'

*talked to yourself in public?

*read your story to your dog or cat?

*been asked who will illustrate your book?

*been upset or disappointed with a rejection letter and then later realised that they were right?

*had writer's block?

*noticed a mistake in spelling or grammar after you've posted your manuscript?

*travelled to an exotic country or place to research your book?

*answered the phone professionally just in case it's a publisher?

*socially networked on blogs, face book, and twitter?

*stood in front of people at your book launch and thought, I did it?

*noticed that your rejection letters are getting better?

*been mentored?

*meet a group of writer's that encourage and inspire your writing?

*tried writing out of your comfort zone in a completely different genre?

*used a dream for inspiration?

*read a dictionary just for fun?

*turned down an event so you could write instead?

*thought your book would make an incredible movie?

*met your favourite author?

*wondered what do I have do to become published?

*been so involved in your writing that you have literally lost the plot?

*had to write your entire novel from another character view point, first or third person?

*used strange facial expressions to accurately describe your character in a scene?

*completely lost yourself in your own imagination?

*wondered what your life would be like if you weren't writing?

How many questions did you answer yes too?


Angela Sunde. said...

Nearly all of them. Your posts are great, Renee. so glad I know you.

Unknown said...

Oh, that's so lovely Angela! You made my day. I was starting to think that it's just me out in blogosphere. Hope you enjoyed your holiday away and look forward to catching up.