July 15, 2011

Favourite Kid's T.V Characters From The 70's

It's only natural to look at the characters we loved as children when writing a children's book. Rather than look at book characters, I'm reminiscing about my favourite cartoon characters and T.V shows.

Who were your favourite T.V Characters?

What did they wear?
How did they talk?
How do you think they would rate in today's market?
What was the best episode about?
What did they look like?
What problems did they face?

What part of their character can children relate to the most?
What do you remember the most about your favourite characters?

Captain Caveman


Karen Tyrrell said...

Hi Renee,
So many TV show, so many fabulous memories.
I developed a LOVE of Sci-Fi Space shows like Superman, Lost in Space, Time Tunnel and movies like Star Wars and Star Trek.
All these have influenced me in wanting to write Kids Sci-Fi :))

Unknown said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for sharing. You can't beat all of those Sci-Fi Shows! Star Wars would have to be my favourite. I remember watching Dr Who occasionally and my brothers watched Lost in Space. Even though not Sci-Fi, I was a huge fan of Monkey Magic. I never missed an episode.