February 24, 2012

Book Review Our Nest is Best!

It's always so exciting to receive a parcel in the post, so when I received my first ever board book for review, I was thrilled! The first thing that struck me was the stunning cover. Many of the board books that I read to my children when they were younger, did not look like this.

Our Nest is Best! written by Penny Olsen with Penny O'Hara, was published by The National Library of Australia in February 2012.

Rocky and Rudy Robin, plan to build their own special nest. Before picking up there first piece of straw, they check out their friends' nests to see what nest is best.

Their first stop is at the Magpies nest.

'This nest is nice and large,' said Rocky. 'Strong, too.'
'Looks like a big pile of sticks to me,' whispered Ruby.
'Come on, let's keep going.'

They soon discover that the nests of owls, wrens, swallows and some other friends just don't seem to suit.

The author, Penny Olsen has written several bird books for grown-ups, including The National Library's Glimpses of Paradise and Brush with Birds. 

Our Nest is Best! is a delightful new board book; rich in vocabulary, rich in detail and highly suitable for the 0+ market.

Illustrations are from The National Library of Australia collection.   


Beth Stilborn said...

As a birder, as well as a kids' book aficionado, this book looks wonderful!

And, as an unrepentant punster, I just can't resist, because of the first names of the authors -- this package was a two-Penny post!

Unknown said...

Hi Beth,
Thank you for your comment...lol.
This is such a gorgeous book!