June 22, 2012

Win a signed copy of 'Darth' written by Julieann Wallace & Claire Wallace

For your chance to win a signed copy of 'Darth' written by Julieann Wallace and illustrated by Claire Wallace, tell us what type of fish is Darth?


Written by Julieann Wallace Illustrated by Claire Wallace

Darth has been captured and taken away from his family - perhaps forever!
He enters the new fish tank with a SPLASH! and meets eye to eye with Grunt, the unfriendly leader of a gang.

Will Darth ever make friends in the underwater paradise? Will he use the POWER?
Can he truly be happy again?


Mary Preston said...

Darth is a Black Moor Goldfish.


Anonymous said...

OK... I don't know so I'm cheating because I want to get my hands on this book!
Darth is a Black Moor Goldfish (well marybelle didn't cover her test paper... um )

sophie said...

he is a black moor gold fish