June 20, 2012

Win a signed copy of Stinky Ferret & the JJs written by Candice Lemon-Scott

Tell us in 50 words or less about the funniest or scariest experience you've had with an animal for your chance to win a signed copy of 'Stinky Ferret & the JJs.'

Adrian hates ferrets. They're boring. They're ugly. And they stink. So when it's his turn to take home the classroom pet, Adrian knows he's in for a bad weekend.
But when his skate park is taken over by the JJs, will it actually be Ferret who saves the day?

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DimbutNice said...

What do you do with a pet chook once she carks it? You bury her of course. But preferably not when you’re reading Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. We buried Wynette by the compost heap only to find her lying fully feathered in the middle of the lawn several mornings later. How could she resurface after being buried for days? I ordered hubby to redo the job…that it turns out our border collie had started. (shocking at the time-funny now) Dimity

Candice said...

That's so funny! It must have been quite a freaky experience - especially after reading what I think is one of Stephen King's scariest novels about animals.

Bonnyp said...

When my son was six he got a pet turtle for his birthday (last year)
and when he went to pick the turtle up it got scared and jumped out of his hands my son laughed and named him "tiger" because he is the fastest animal that he knows.


Unknown said...

Great stories Dimity and Bonny.

DimbutNice said...

Thanks Renee. Yes Candice, it was completely unnerving at the time. I did a double take. The chook looked good as new in spite of being underground for half a week. Lucky it was the middle winter.

Shelley said...

Our friends dog likes to bury their TV remote control in the yard. It may be for attention- hint hint nudge nudge.

Mary Preston said...

We were helping our Father with new inner tubing for our, now practically antique, bicycles.

I took a flying leap down the steps over all the workings, only to discover that one of the tubes was a Black Adder.

It took my heart a long time to settle.


Candice said...

I'm loving these stories, thanks for sharing. Truth really can be stranger (and funnier) than fiction :).