July 3, 2012

Win a signed copy of Ten Yellow Bananas by Helen Ross

In Helen Ross's children's book, 10 Yellow Bananas, ten naughty bananas run down the street, giggling all the way.

To Win a Signed Copy:

What can you imagine your favourite fruit doing?  The funniest answer will win a signed copy of this delightful madcap tale where you'll find out why the bananas are naughty.
10 Yellow Bananas

'This charming reverse counting rhyme of the teddy bears that are stolen by ten bananas goes hilariously down the number chain, through all the types of fruit. The bears belong to 'nine sleepy pears' who are followed by lemons, apples, watermelons and the rest - right down to one small berry. The ridiculous procession proceeds down the street, risking life and limb as they chase the bananas, until stopped by what could have been a dreadful calamity.' - Dr Virginia Lowe


Mary Preston said...

I can imagine mangoes doing the mamba. It is a tropical, festive fruit after all.


Tsega said...

The boy that owns pet tomatoes and takes them out to dinner to a pizza shop.