March 4, 2014

Night Monsters Book Review

'The animals in the bush are scared. Something is making terrible noises- is the snake making that hissing? Is it a bear making that growling sound? Can you hear an evil goblin snoring? Help! a giant is roaring!'

Night Monsters was published November 2013 by The National Library of Australia , written by Nina Poulos, and illustrated by Cheryl Westenberg. 

Cackle Kookaburra, Waddle Wombat, Ernest the Echidna, Prunella Possum and their Australian bush friends join together in this rollicking rhyme to reveal who is making all the noises at night.

Larry the Lyrebird finally confesses that he is making all the noises with his mimicking ability. This leads to lively, illustrated information at the back of the book about how the Lyrebird got its name, which has the fancier tail, how they build their nests, and where they live.

With its bright, vibrant illustrations and likeable characters, Night Monsters is a must for children. It begs to be read time and time again as children will enjoy the anticipation of knowing what's going to happen and interacting with the animal sounds. 


Neridah McMullin said...

Hi Renee, I love the sounds of this book and the front cover looks gorgeous. The National Library of Australia publish some great stuff :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Neridah, It's lovely to here from you :) They NLA do publish some awesome books and I just love reading the facts on the end pages.