April 1, 2011

The Benefits of Storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient art that spans thousands of years. It was used as a teaching tool to communicate an event or adventure. Sharing stories turned into a historical ritual of explaining mysterious events often passed on from one generation to the next.

Books are a wonderful way to share a story but they're not the only way.Storytelling allows a person to use their own voice, facial expressions, and body language, to tell a story. The beauty about sharing stories is that each person will come away with their own interpretation and be touched in a different way.

Storytelling for children provides a rich and limitless language experience. It's not just because children love listening to stories. Storytelling encourages children to listen, think, create and imagine. Children develop an understanding of how language is formed and how storytelling is used as a form of expression. Children can imagine they are taking off on a magic carpet to an imaginary land or become a character in their own mind.
What children learn from storytelling:

*How to concentrate, imagine, and think

*How to notice separable sounds in language
*To make connections between a story and their own life
*That stories are an enjoyable relaxing experience
*That stories have a message
*That a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end
*New words to describe objects and feelings
*How to use language creatively and stretch their imaginations
*How to predict events, actions or dialogue
*That telling stories is a very enriching experience


BookChook said...

I think storytelling is absolutely wonderful for kids. Both to do themselves, and to attend a performance. I think for kids who are so attached to screens, that storytelling provides an avenue for developing imagination in a natural and interactive way.

Unknown said...

I agree entirely. It's a unique experience to many children because there is such an emphasis on books and teaching children to read. The benefits of storytelling and reading to children aloud can never be underestimated. It gives children the tools to one day become confident readers and writers.