August 12, 2011

The Years Pass On - (A story told by our eight year old daughter Sienna)

With our daughters permission I have posted a story that she told me when she was eight years and ten months (now nine years). I think it displays her attitude to life and thoughts way beyond her  eight years. So, thank you Sienna, for sharing your story, 'As the Years Pass On'

The Years Pass On  
                                                                          by Sienna Taprell   


The years pass on from life to life.

Every day is a new day.
It happens because the earth moves around and we have gravity to stay on the ground.
Every day we pass and life moves quickly. Night passes on and a new day begins.
Every day is a new adventure. Summer passes to Autumn and then Winter passes to Spring. When the leaves pass on, they change colours.
In America it snows and you can have a White Christmas.
When the weeks pass on the earth passes, and I’ll say it again, Life moves quickly.
From our head to our toes we grow from short to tall.
With our birthday we get big and sometimes we get lots of presents. You don’t need too many presents because you’ve got love.
Some time in the future, your Mum and Dad will die but don’t worry, you’ll still have their love. You’ll have a new life, get married, have kids, then you’ll get older and die.
It’s very sad that dogs don’t have a long life because every birthday they turn another seven years.         
If the world ends, you’ll have a new life and pass on and a new planet will come and a new life will begin. Earth is the only planet with living things.
It’s a great time to spot a shooting star pass on the way to your future life in a day.


Karen Tyrrell said...

Renee, this is amazing writing from an eight-year-old. Not just her words and phrasing but her philosophy and perspectives on life.
Another Taparell Writer/ author in the making ...Karen T :))

Renee Taprell said...

Thanks Karen. Sienna kept telling me stories (pretty much the same as this one) so, one night I took notes. She loves the picture book, Reach for the Stars and Other Advice for Life's Journey, by Serge Bloch. I think this was the book that inspired this story.

Sienna said...

Thanks Renee you are the best. You write in fun ways and you always have a heart for any story.
by daughter Sienna.