September 1, 2011

Thank you to the Children's Authors and Illustrators Interviewed

Well, after a massive blogging marathon during book week, I think it's time to chill out in a deck chair with an icy cold pina colada.

I'd like to say an enormous 'thank you' to all of the wonderful authors and illustrators that participated-for sharing their stories and their writing journeys. Each author has given aspiring writers like myself, something to think about and aspire to be.

 Thank You 

and last but not least...

I'll be continuing with author and illustrator interviews on a weekly basis. Interviews still to come include, Neridah McMullen, Karen Collum, Roland Harvey and Illustrator Sarah Davis and many more. I look forward to seeing you again!

  Keep on Running

You've got your polished manuscript in hand and now all you have to do is secure a book contract. Sounds easy enough-but it's anything but easy. It certainly wasn't easy for the authors and illustrators I've recently interviewed. Securing a book contract or even persisting with writing could be compared to running a marathon. Every once a while you will trip and fall. Every once in a while you'll be handed a towel and a cup of ice water. Every once in a while you'll be pushed out of the way and passed by a faster runner.

So, what are you going to do about it?

Exactly! You're going to keep running the extra mile and run (not as fast as you can) but run to make it to the finish line.

And there waiting for you will be an icy cold pina colada, beer, or whatever your choice of beverage, and a deck chair with your name on it. Oh, and of course your published book!

Here's a clip from youtube to keep you inspired whilst you're running.


Beth Cregan said...

Great interviews and some really interesting posts - thank you.

Unknown said...

Thanks Beth for your comment and for visiting my blog.
Look forward to hearing from you again :)

Karen Tyrrell said...

Hi Renee,
Congrats for your marathon week of author interviews. Outstanding. I don't know how you did it.
I hope you have a fabulous writing week :))

Unknown said...

Thanks Karen. I'm so grateful for the authors accepting to be interviewed at such short notice. It really made my book week that's for sure :)

Debbie said...

Hi Renee. I like your blog - good posts and author interviews. Am now following and look forward to reading more.

Unknown said...

Hey Debbie,
Thanks for your lovely comments. I'm now coming back over to yours blog for a