June 22, 2012

Book Review I Can See Faces

Toby is a boy with a talent; he can see faces in almost everything. The problem is that nobody else can.

I Can See Faces was written by Susan Pease, illustrated by Olivia Pease and published by Little Steps Publishing (2012).

This delightful picture book targets children four to eight years and shares a day in the life of a child's imagination. The best part is that nobody can see the faces but Toby and he discovers faces in extraordinary places. Muddy monsters in the Vegemite jar, milky faces floating in his glass and bumpy crunchy faces in his cereal. At the beach, Toby finds water baby faces in the rock pools and shell and seaweed faces in the sand.

Eleven year old Olivia Pease, has illustrated using a combination of paint, collage and ink. Olivia's style and use of white space creates an authentic representation of a child's point of view and compliments the books overall theme.

My daughter and I really enjoyed searching for faces in the pictures, especially Olivia's signature stamp face hiding in sometimes tricky places.

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