June 22, 2012

Win a signed copy of Recipe For Perfect Planet Pie by Kim Michelle Toft

To be the lucky winner of a signed copy of  Recipe For Perfect Planet Pie written and illustrated by Kim Michelle Toft, tell us what ingredients from nature would you use to create your own perfect planet pie?

Recipe For Perfect Planet Pie reads like a recipe, each ‘method’ using natural resources which need to be nurtured and sustained. Using cooking terms , it’s a fun way to look at solutions to ‘greening’ the planet.

It is an excellent springboard for discussion on sustainability, cleaner alternate energy supplies and the preservation of nature.

Check out Kim's website to see more of  her stunning picture books and original silk paintings.




Mary Preston said...

A pinch of sunlight, a splash of rain, a handful of soil & a smattering of seeds. Mix well, add humanity & make a wish!!


Unknown said...

Fantastic Planet Pie recipe. Thank you for your wonderful comments by the way. You may end up winning the lot.

Candice said...

My daughter Krystalin again, being the nature lover of our family said:
She would start with a ball. Then add dirt and then grass. Put in a stick and leaves for the trees and water for the oceans.

Nicole Rake (Helensvale Primary School) said...

A cup full of Flowers for regeneration,
A smidgen of rain drops for hydration
A squeeze of sunshine for daylight
A pinch of a rainbow for brightness and colour
A dash of fire for minerals and warmth
A touch fruit for good health
and serve with a dash of love.