June 16, 2012

Win a signed copy of 'My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up' by Tristan Bancks

To celebrate the National Year of Reading, Book for Little Hands will be holding book competitions over the next month, thanks to some generous children's authors and publishers  who have kindly donated books for this event.

To kick start the comp, author Tristan Bancks is giving away to one lucky reader, a signed copy of My Life & Other Stuff I Made Up. 

For your chance to win, tell us a micro story in the comment section (50-100 words) about something you broke around the house. You can read more about Tristan in his recent interview on Books for Little Hands and on his webpage.

Drawn 1st July.


Unknown said...

I can't win this comp but I'll never forget the day I broke Mum's most precious statue.You know those expensive clown statues? Well we were playing ping pong (as you do)and the bat flung out of my hand and knocked the clown's head clean off. Needless to say, there was no more playing ping pong for a while. Sorry Mum.

Ben said...

I was at a friends birthday party and he had a slip and slide. I took a huge dive, head first down the hill and my head went straight through the end of the slide. True Story.

DimbutNice said...

Not sure how it happened but I think I broke my husband's will to comment on any of my manuscripts and works in progress, ever...again...ever. Don't know how to fix it either :-(

Aimee Hull said...

at christmas our family got an exspensive glass varse from a cousin and it was fragile so we had to rap it up in bubble wrap and paper to travel it back home safely, when we got home with it, my mum said 'thank god we got it home safely, the next day i had a friend come over and we were playing a game when i axedently knocked it with my hand and it smashed on the floor. mum came down and saw, she was mad because it was alot of pressure to get it home safely, but we said sorry and i made it up to her but she brings it up every time someone mentions the word 'smash'.