June 17, 2012

Win a signed copy of 'Paraphernalia’s Present' written by Diana Lawrenson

Cover for Paraphernalia's Present

Dottie and her hen, Paraphernalia, share breakfast, trips into town, even afternoon tea. But one day Dottie has an accident and Paraphernalia surprises her with the greatest gift of all…

For your opportunity to win a signed copy of Paraphernalia’s Present by Diana Lawrenson tell us in 50 words or less why you love your pet, or what sort of pet you’d love to have – 
and why.

Read more about Diana on Books for Little Hands or check out her website.


Mary Preston said...

I have chickens. What most people don't realize is that they have such unique personalities. For example: Houdini escapes at every chance & Hetty thinks she is SO clever every time she lays an egg. We never hear the end of it.


Unknown said...

That'd make a great children's book. Love it!

Abbey and Sophie said...

I love my dog 'Charley Farley' because he's a really cute Spoodle. He likes to run in the park and eats lots of dental sticks. He can sit and shake.

melissa said...

we have 2 bantum chickens Cloe and gemma,then we got a standard sized chicken who was only 6 weeks old called rossie.She used to push herself between the bantums and because of their fluffy fethers all you could see was her head popping out the top.Now she is bigger than them but still likes to sleep between them:)