August 2, 2012

Don't Forget to Enter in Our Book Competitions

Don't forget... to enter in the fabulous book competitions on Books for Little Hands to celebrate National Year of Reading.

Children's books of all shapes and sizes, genres and styles, have been generously donated by award winning authors and illustrators for children of all ages and adults can enter too.

Reasons why to enter now:

*You are helping to celebrate National Year of Reading.

*You're encouraging children, adults and families to read.

*You're learning, discovering and imaging new things.

*You are supporting authors and illustrators who may become your new favourite.

*You're challenge your thinking by answering a simple question- often humorous.

*You could receive your very own signed book from a famous author.

*It's Free.

*It's Fun.

*And you only have a few weeks left.

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