December 23, 2012

Christmas Interview with Author Kerry Brown

It's a pleasure to welcome Gold Coast Children's Author, Kerry Brown to share her Christmas memories and traditions.

How did you celebrate Christmas as a child?

I grew up in Northern Western Australia near the beach so there was lots of swimming, too much food, late afternoon naps and lots of family time. I love Christmas day - it is the one time every one is on board for a lazy, cruisy day surrounded by food, laughter and fun!

Do you have a family Christmas tradition? Tell us about it.

Every Christmas I take my children shopping to buy one new decoration each. (Good quality ones form David Jones or Myer) After Christmas the kids carefully wrap each of their unique decorations up and place them in their own box labelled with the year they bought each of them. When they grow up and leave home they will have their own special supply of tree decorations to place on their very own tree.

Have you celebrated Christmas in another country?

Yes I have in England before. I LOVED the traditional hot luncheon, the snow, the eggnog and the cold for a change.  With the heat and humidity we are having here in Queensland at the moment I'd love to do it again!

What will you be reading over Christmas?

I went to the library last week and got out all the children's picture books and novels I have wanted to read for a very long time. Some are re - reads. I have:
 Shaun Tan's 'The Arrival'
 Michael Gerard Bauer's, 'Eric Vale - Epic Fail'
 Enid Blyton's The Enchanted Wood
 'Maudie and Bear' by Jan Ormerod 
And a book by Andy Stanton called 'Stirling and the Canary'. (I love Andy Stanton - I find him extremely funny and my kids love him too.)

Then I might just try and read an adult novel........... to be different :)


DimbutNice said...

Thanks for this extra lovely little injection of insight just before Christmas Renee! Love all these interviews. And Kerry, Andy Stanton has slipped under my radar until now. Thank you for bringing him to my attention: UK author? Cool. Happy Christmas to you both :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Dimity. I've had heaps of fun learning about author Christmas secrets and traditions. There's been some great reading suggestions and I love Kerry's idea about the letting the children pick out a Christmas ornament each year for their own collection- very cool.

Merry Christmas Love and Best Wishes to you my friends. xox

Kerry Brown said...

HI Dimity - Yes Andy Stanton is English. He's a little left of centre and has boy humour. My son loves him though. I have bought all his Mr Gum CD stories from Book Depository and they are good fun to listen to in the car. Takes a while to catch on to his humour because it's so different.... but listen to him a couple of times and you'll be hooked.
Thanks For sharing Renee. Hope you both had a wonderful Xmas. xxx Kerry

DimbutNice said...

Cheers Kerry, I can't wait to discover more about him. I'm married to a pom and have tuned into their style of humour over the years but look forward to catching more left balls!! Dimity x

Unknown said...

Thanks Kerry and Dim. Happy New Year to you both and Happy Writing.