December 21, 2012

Christmas Interview with Children's Author Caroline Stills


PictureIt's a fun and exciting time of year especially fun to learn what authors get up to. My next guest blogger is children's author Caroline Stills.

What does Christmas mean to you? 

Christmas to me is about celebrating family and being thankful for the wonderful life we have.  

How did you celebrate Christmas as a child?

PictureMy family lived on a farm in NZ. Before each Christmas, my dad would cut a branch from one of the pine trees that grew nearby so we always had a ‘real’ tree to decorate. I now associate the scent of pine with Christmas. 

I remember the excitement of trying to stay awake on Christmas Eve to hear Father Christmas and his reindeer landing on our roof but I could never manage to keep my eyes open for long enough. My siblings and I usually received a new outfit for Christmas along with some toys. I felt special wearing my new clothes to Christmas Mass where I enjoyed singing Christmas carols. 

Do you have a family Christmas tradition? Tell us about it. 

To me, having children around is what makes Christmas 
so special. Just like when I was a child, I now make sure my children always have a real tree to decorate on the first weekend in December (though it is now delivered to us by the local scout group).  I love seeing how excited my girls get before Christmas, writing letters to Santa, making cards for their friends, and making and buying gifts for family.  At least one day immediately before Christmas is spent in the kitchen, together, making special treats to share with extended family (who we always catch up with around Christmas) - like chocolate truffles and a gingerbread house.  

On Christmas day itself, it’s fun to get up in the morning to watch my daughters excitedly open their gifts from Santa. Even if the day is hot, the main meal on Christmas day is always roast veggies with ham and turkey, followed by Christmas pudding served with my mum’s special brandy sauce. I am blessed to have such a beautiful healthy loving family and I always reflect on this on Christmas day. 

What will you be reading over Christmas? 

Another tradition with my immediate family (me, hubby, children) is to spend a few days at the beach sometime in January. It’s all about relaxing and spending time together, and there is always time for a good book or two. This holiday I hope to read “World War Z” by Max Brooks (love a good zombie story before the movie comes out next year, and “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn which is on many “best reads” list for 2012. 

A very happy festive season to you, Renee, and to all your blog readers. 

Caroline Stills 


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