March 24, 2013

Book Review Have You Seen My Egg?

Eddy Emu has lost one of his eggs. Has Lizzie Lizard found it? Has Susie Spider or Connie Crocodile seen it? Join Eddy on his search and meet his friends. 

Penny Olsen, author of Our Nest is Best and illustrated by Rhonda N. Garward.

This delightful picture book introduces children to different Australian animals and their eggs. Lift the flap, and meet the babies that have just hatched. And, finally, find out what happened to Eddy's egg. With stunning water colour pictures and a Did you know? section, this picture book will provide hours of fun and learning for adults, children and their own families. 


Becca said...

Looks like an informative book! I like the pictures, too.

Aunt Arlene said...

Brilliant way to teach our children about our wildlife
Today, about one quarter of the world's mammals are in danger of becoming extinct in 30 years (many of them in Australia). And that's just mammals - there are also reptiles, birds, insects, fish and plants that are endangered. About half of Australia's native animals are endangered. Aunt Arlene

Unknown said...

Thanks Becca and Aunt Arlene for your comments. The National Library of Australia publish many informative and beautiful books such as this one.